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        How could he search a house with an illegal search warrant?



2        He broke the laws in sections 198 and 199 of the Summary Proceedings Act 1957. He took away my property without a legal Search Warrant<only his signature, no file numbers, no Judge's signature> I just found out on Sunday 3 July 2011. Quickly I contacted the police Minister Mrs Judith Collins by email on 3 July 2011. I worked all the time and did not read carefully. On 16 May 2011 I started to work at the Public Hospital from 7:30am. Colin Bulter called my mobile at about 10:30am: “this is police, what are you doing?” I said: “working at the hospital”. He said: “can you go home”, I said: “what happened?” He said: “let you know when you are home. Do you want us to pick you up?” I though something happened to my mum and held the phone to ask the staff of hospital: “can I come back in 1 hour because the police called me to go home”.  The police arrived to flat 3, 104 Nursery Road just 3 minutes after I arrived home. 3 policemen walked into the house in same time, I did not know what happened, Colin Butler asked me to open bedrooms’ door except my mother’s bedroom. After I opened the doors, I asked Colin Butler what reason he search the house. He pulled out a folded paper from his pocket and give it to me, then said to me that he would explain to me at the police station. I refused to go to the station. Colin Bulter kept asking me questions while 2 police were looking at something in the Double bedroom.

    • Colin Bulter has been watching me for a while. He did not show the Search Warrant before they enter to the house.
    • He did not show me the signatures of Search Warrant on both sides.
    • He knew my mum was not at home in the morning. If my mum was at home, I may be able to read the Search Warrant carefully because my mum is a careful person.
    • He did not let me watch what the other police searched
    • They took my computer from my car in from of me, but they took my other things into their car while Colin Bulter was talking to me in the single bedroom. 
    • Before they started to drive away of the house, I asked them what items they have taken away, they showed me the items sitting in the cars. And my room was mass, I could not find 2 memory sticks + 1 mobile phone.
    • He told me to bring passport to the police station on 17 May 2011.
    • I was very sad, I did not know what I have done wrong. I went back to hospital to work at about 11:40am, but the patient has been sent to the operation. The hospital staffs were not happy about my job on that day.

< Evidence: The list of things taken by the policemen, job sheet from the hospital, the copy of the Search Warrant>