Rectangular Callout: Back


What Mr Matthew Trevor Taylor was saying:


The truth is:

  1. The left is “Form 1”, was saved at C:\ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Documents \ my pictures\ Sample Pictures \ TAX \ Form3 \ Form 1

            The right is “fixing”, was saved at C:\ Documents and Settings \ All Users\ Documents\ my

            pictures\ Sample Pictures \ claims \4,8Sep \ Marshal \ fixing

  1. Mr Matthew Trevor Taylor should show the original copies and emails < the emails were saved in the Microsoft Work Word Processor in my 3 computers—the police have them>. Please see below: < 5038 is same as the left and 5038correct is same as the right. They are the original copies. The Author is Ray>
  2. For files keeping, when I copied and saved in different name, the author changed to Sally Ye or other name “A” < different computers show different Authors>. But they still have the same design—same invoice. Please see below
  3. I never made any invoices “5038”, “5038correct”, “Form 1”, and “fixing”!!!  All the damages were fixed before the tenants move there.




** JH Builders <22>

**0800 Handyman <21>

** TV

< repairs were done before the tenants moved there>

< windows, basin, sewage ,roof>

Yes, Mr Smith from EQC inspected the house on 6 Dec 2010 at 8:30am.His number is : 0275542601, receip is on the folders-police got them; photos evidence are in the folders and the computers—police got them;

The Claims officer Maria Reyes paid on 14 January 2011

The building has been divided into 2 parts. We paid rent for the back yard. Report is in the finacial year.