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Phone: 021368362 < text is welcome>

Fax: damaged by earthquake. Please email: saly@xtra.co.nz

Y Wang Property

PO Box 1384; Christchurch; New Zealand

460 Armagh Street, Christchurch—office opens on Wednesday. (make an appointment)

Att: Sally Ye-021368362


Text Box: Did 10000 earthquakes destroy my life or the people?
Am I a free person—where is my freedom?
Text Box: Please see what 10000 earthquakes did to me! 
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Colin Butler falsified his meeting record on 17 May 2011

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  photos, please see photos

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  They took away my 7 big folders and 3 computers. They did not take them in front of me. They did not photocopy on the same day in front of me. They did not give me the original hard-drives and the original Events viewers.

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Can an illegal police be a witness at a Court?


Please see what they did to my computers!!

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They told me to organize tradesmen—I asked before I organized < Please click and see the truth>





<what was $12895  paid and $14210 unpaid? Please click and see the truth>



What was he talking about?